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Care Guide - Lingerie


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Unlike a garment that can be taken to the cleaners, lingerie cannot. Care is of the utmost importance to grant your intimate apparel a healthy lifespan.

Just think, some bras contain 15 different materials alone!

As a general rule of thumb, we advise, Hand Wash, Mild Soap, No Wringing, No Direct-Sun, No Bleaching and Dry Flat.

Pay special attention with rings and fingernails as the fabrics and laces are delicate.

Please refer to care labels in each item and if you need any help identifying symbols see our table below or contact us.

Symbol Name Description
The numbers in the wash tub indicate the washing temperature in degrees centigrade.
The presence of one or more underlining strokes corresponds to particular precautions.
The hand in the wash tub means the article must be hand-washed. In every other case machine-washing is possible.

Bleaching The triangle containing -CI- means that bleaching is possible.    

Ironing The dots in the iron (one, two or three dots) indicates the maximum temperature at which articles may be ironed.

Tumble Drying (Household) This symbol must be completed by one or two dots corresponding to two temperature levels.